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Due to a special project, the release of my new novel set on the Oregon Trail may be delayed. I promise to finish it as soon as possible!

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My aim as a writer is to create for you another world...a world that you can walk around in and experience in your own way, and come back feeling that you actually went somewhere...that you were not only entertained but inspired and challenged!

For a limited time, my books are only available in digital format at Amazon's Kindle Store. The books can be read on a Kindle or a variety of e-book readers, or they can be downloaded directly to your PC or laptop. You can find more information about e-books and ordering HERE.

E-books are definitely the wave of the future...not only do they save trees but they're easy to download, less expensive than hard copies, and you don't have to have an extra room in your house to keep all your books! I'm pleased to be able to offer mine in this format, and I hope you enjoy them.

To everyone who has reviewed the books, either with an online store, a website such as Goodreads, or on their own personal blog -- I'd like to say a sincere "Thank you!" I wish I could respond to each one personally--there may be many that I don't see. Special thanks, also, to those who take the time and trouble to send emails. You are appreciated!

You will find on this website: reviews (good and bad), excerpts from my books, a special page for readers who would like more information about the historical events I write about, and more. Let me hear from you...!




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